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Kate Middleton, winner of the Queen of Pantyhose contest 2011

     Already a Princess, now a renowned Queen of Pantyhose

She has made people and the media talk about this a lot.So, we may even be too late to give her this honour.I wonder if we really need to make this poll in the first place.Well, maybe yes, to be fair to others and since this is our first contest it`s really a great start.From the first days to the present time she appeard on papers and TV, she has made pantyhose enthusiast very happy.She`s thouht women and celebrities that the pantyhose still here and alive.She is responsible for the increase in the sales of pantyhose and hosiery.Not to mention her taste in clothes that goes perfect with pantyhose which made her a fashion icon.In short;

                                                                     Crowned Winner of the Pantyhose Queen Contest 2011

                                                                                          The most Royal & Loyal of Pantyhose

                                        Kate Middleton







                 She does wear sheer tights a lot but does surprise and answers opaque lovers prayers often as well.


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